Introducing the Wave Extraction Fan

Introducing the Wave Extraction Fan

Magic is in the air this holiday season, but spray tan solution doesn't have to be!

When I first started on my journey as a spray tan artist, I'll admit that I underestimated the messiness of the craft. "You better like to clean because spray tanning is a mess," they told me. At first, I shrugged it off, thinking that a tent would contain the spray and keep things tidy. Little did I know, this mess was more significant than I had imagined.

Within a month or two, I quickly realized I had a problem. I was constantly battling tan traces in unexpected places. Even the floor of my studio was telling tales of where objects are normally placed. After a group of just three clients, my studio's air felt heavy with lingering tan particles. It was time to tackle the issue head-on before permanent damage took hold of my concrete floors.

I dived into research, exploring various extraction options, but the cost of shipping to Canada made them impractical. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I purchased a standard box fan and placed it behind my tent, facing backward to suck in the air, not blow it out. Then, I attached furnace filters to catch the overspray. While this solution helped, it wasn't without its challenges – costly filter replacements and still a relentless battle to keep the area tan-free.

My quest for a better solution led me to the professional-grade Wave Extraction Fan. With great reviews from fellow artists, it offered a solution that didn't break the bank.

The Wave Extraction Fan is a state-of-the-art ventilation system designed to elevate the spray tanning experience for both artists and clients. It efficiently extracts troublesome tanning solution overspray, ensuring a cleaner and more comfortable environment during sessions. Plus, it's compact and versatile enough to serve mobile artists as well.

The difference it made was evident from the first busy day of tans. Not only did it transform the cleanliness of my space, but it also significantly improved the air quality during sessions, benefiting both me and my clients. It felt like a breath of fresh air – quite literally! I could finally focus on the art of spray tanning, and not worry about the mess it left behind after each session. I almost forgot what Nuda solutions smell like since I wasn’t smelling that overspray directly!

And now, I'm excited to share that Nuda is officially offering the Wave Extraction Fan on their website. This portable, micro whirlwind technology makes it accessible for artists everywhere, whether you have a studio or offer mobile tans, every artist needs this in their room to protect the health of yourself and your clients. 

Here's why you need the Wave:

 Enhanced Air Quality:

The primary benefit of the Wave Extraction Fan is the improvement in air quality. It quickly removes spray tan solution overspray particles from the air, reducing the risk of inhalation for both the artist and the client. Breathe pure uncontaminated air with this professional-grade spray tanning extraction unit.

Cleaner Work Environment:

For spray tan artists, the Wave Extraction Fan minimizes the mess! With overspray effectively removed from the air, artists can enjoy a cleaner work environment, resulting in less time spent cleaning up!

Easy to Install and Use:

This portable clean air extraction is lightweight and perfect for mobile tanners or professional salons. It has user-friendly features such as easy wipe surfaces and an easily changeable filter. Simply take the filters out every 10-15 tans, rinse with water, let dry completely and then reuse!

Modern and Durable Design:

You'll love the ultra-modern design of the unit, featuring a stylish honeycomb hexagonal grill pattern and chrome accented control buttons. The outer surface can be easily wiped clean and will look a lot more professional in your tent! 

Ready to elevate your spray tanning experience? Explore the Wave Extraction Fan now on our website, and discover a cleaner, more efficient way to spray tan. It's a game-changer that you won't want to be without!

Happy tanning and cleaner spaces ahead!


This blog post was written by our master spray tan artist and trainer Natasha Lawless. Natasha has been in the industry for over 5 years and is sharing her personal experience with the issue of overspray and her opinions of the wave extraction fan after using it for 3 years. 

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